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Design Ideas You Could Use For a Small Backyard

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Having a backyard is something most homeowners want. However, space tends to be a premium with some homes, and thus you end up with a smaller yard than you would like. In these instances, you will find that homeowners do not do much in trying to enhance the aesthetics of the yard as they assume it is not worth the effort. The fact is that having a small backyard does not automatically mean having a bland backyard. Here are some design ideas that you could use to spruce up your small backyard using some landscaping supplies, thus creating a unique space.

Create a vertical garden in your backyard

Small backyards typically do not provide sufficient space to grow an array of plants and flowers. Nevertheless, this does not mean you can not have greenery in your backyard. Instead of planting from the ground up, opt to create a vertical garden in your yard. Choose one wall that would be a focal point in your yard and consult with a landscaping contractor on which climbing plants would be best to start with. Keep in mind that the positioning of the vertical garden will also largely depend on how much sun the particular wall receives. If it is overexposed to the sun, you should consider plants that will not wither away due to the constant heat.

Incorporate variety to create visual interest

Another way to make the most of a small backyard is to incorporate a variety of visual elements. These would work together to create visual interest in different areas of your garden. One of the landscaping supplies you could consider for this would be a water feature. Once the water feature is in place, consider unique paving that would stand out. This would make the pathway in your backyard interesting. Another thing to consider would be colourful plants that would add a splash of colour to your backyard. Your options are only limited by your creativity.

Make your backyard multi-levelled

Since it is difficult to increase the floor space in your backyard, you could make it look bigger by using the vertical space available to you. By placing items in different levels rather than on one flat surface, your backyard will appear to be multi-dimensional. There are various ways of achieving this multi-levelled effect. An easy way to do this would be to use plants of significantly varying heights. Another way would be to install a makeshift multi-level deck to create a sense of height.