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The Benefits and What to Consider When Installing a Sail Shade at a School

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Children require play to not only develop physically, but also socially and emotionally. What better place for this than in a playground? While exposure to the sun is important for growth, in excess it could result in sunburn and even skin cancer. The sail, which acts as a sun shield, is made using stretchable knitted fabric that allows air to seep through, and thus, heat does not accumulate. Other materials that could be used include canvas as well as PVC, though this is a more expensive option.

Benefits of Installing a Sun Shade

  • It has a special UV inhibitor that filters the sun's  rays, therefore, preventing sunburn and skin cancer
  • Easy to set up
  • It is a simple shade option
  • Can be removed and, therefore, will not be blown over on windy days
  • Availability of a variety of colours makes them visually attractive
  • The fabric does not rot
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Being waterproof, it provides shelter against light rain
  • Maintains a cool environment under the shade giving the impression of an air conditioned room

When planning to install the sunshade, you should consider the following factors.

Direction of the Sun and Wind

To provide maximum shade, you would need to know the direction of the sun so that high and low points can be placed appropriately. Alignment of the high and low points with the direction of the wind would also prevent the sail from being blown away.

Local Authority Regulations

You may be required by some local authorities, depending on your location, to get a permit to construct the shade. You should make enquiries on such requirements prior to construction to avoid any legal tussles that may arise due to noncompliance.

Presence of Underlying Structures

These include water pipes and electrical wires in the ground that might result in injuries or fatalities if handled by unqualified persons. You should consult your local council to find out the location of pipes and wires under the ground, if any, before constructing a shade

Allowance for Erection of Fixing Points

The location of your shade should also allow for fixing points, such as poles, to be installed.

Nature of the Ground

Ideally, the poles should be erected on hard ground. Soft ground is not suitable for erecting posts unless a concrete layer is added underneath the base course. For hard ground, a base course would be sufficient making it more suitable.

For more information on shade sails and schools, contact a local shade sail specialist.